Wishing on a business

As construction ramps up on campus and in the city of Statesboro, the GS community shares what businesses made their wishlist


Davis Cobb, Correspondent

A developed town never stays the same for long, and as Statesboro and Georgia Southern make plans to continue progressing, the students, faculty and staff of GSU yearn for different grocery stores and eateries.

In a survey conducted by the George-Anne, we asked people of GSU what businesses were on their Statesboro wishlist, as well as where they’d like to see them set up shop.

Most answers were interested in either more or better grocers, the top runners being Kroger, Target or Sam’s Club, or popular and widespread chain restaurants like Chipotle and Five Guy’s. Some people answered with a more generic interest, citing a desire for a type of store or restaurant.

A few students, faculty and staff sought to bring a little bit of their home or a special place to town, citing lesser-known places that they’d love to see in Statesboro, like Susie’s Best Wings or Little Italy Neighborhood Restaurant.

Interestingly, when asked about where they’d want these businesses to open, the general consensus was off campus, aside from places that could easily fit into somewhere like Russell Union. Instead, the interest was in placing them around Statesboro where they might better fit, such as in the mall, on Fair Road or in downtown Statesboro to liven it up. 

Several answers were more ambiguous, though, simply asking for the desired business to be somewhere in Statesboro, while others simply hoped these new places would fill up the open spaces of abandoned buildings around town.

Statesboro has begun to see development with some of these areas; construction has begun at the previously empty K-Mart lot, with plans to renovate it into a Planet Fitness. Work also still moves on along Old Register Road as construction of the new Publix is also underway. Perhaps some of these desired businesses will follow one day as well. Until then, it’s always nice to hope.