The Wavering Status of Facial Coverings


Olivia Craft, Managing Editor

When a pandemic lasts as long as COVID has lasted, it is easy to forget the urgency of said pandemic. 

Because Statesboro is a college town, many people come from different parts of the world with different ways to cope with the pandemic. 

Out of curiosity, we sent out a google form asking about the use of facial coverings on campus. We also asked Brian DeLoach, Georgia Southern’s Medical Director a few questions as well. 

One of the most pressing concerns was masks when outside of the buildings on campus. Is it smarter to wear them? Is it safe to go without them while outside?

Students and faculty/staff have varying opinions and concerns about this aspect in particular, but DeLoach writes “if when walking outdoors from building to building you are at all times able to social distance from others you many come in contact with while walking, then when walking outdoors you are not required to wear your facial covering.” 

While this clarifies a lot of concern regarding facial coverings on campus, there are many others as well. 

Many of the responses to our google form said that wearing face masks inside of buildings has become lax and is concerning.

DeLoach says that it is necessary for everyone to wear face coverings, not just people who are sick or susceptible to COVID. “Reducing transmission in the communities we live in is key to not only getting back to normal, but also reducing COVID related hospitalizations and deaths.”

Due to hospitals putting aside rooms for COVID patients, other patients in need are not getting the attention that they need. In order to reduce this unfortunate circumstance, facial coverings should diligently be worn when in crowds. 

Although the pandemic is almost a year old, it is still a pressing issue that should be continuously addressed. We can not do much, but we can wear masks.