Food Lion roars into Statesboro

Food Lion looking to become one of few grocery stores of Statesboro to accept EagleXpress

Davis Cobb, Correspondent

Seemingly overnight, Statesboro’s Bi-Lo underwent a metamorphosis, becoming Food Lion instead in early March.

Food Lion looks to become part of the Statesboro community in more ways than one; as of now, negotiations are underway with Georgia Southern to allow students to utilize EagleXpress, making it one of the only grocery stores in town to provide that service.

As one of 62 stores across the southern U.S. purchased by the grocery chain, the local grocery store was given the same ten-day renovation plan as the other Food Lions in training, with each day focusing on a different but crucial step.

Tasks such as cleaning and delivery of nonperishable groceries were done earlier in the time frame, while the stocking of more time-sensitive items like meats and fruit was brought in closer to opening.

Inside and out, Food Lion has changed little about the store aside from some cosmetic touches, and as of now, there are no set plans for any major renovations.

“There’s a possibility, you know, and nothing concrete, that within the next year, two years, that they’ll come in here and remodel it so that it will resemble what Food Lion… looks like,” Food Lion manager Tod Marsh said. “They did come in in a quick fashion to get us open, so that we’re selling groceries for the community and providing what people need.”