6 family members you’ll see at Thanksgiving

Alexi Simpson

Thanksgiving is the time of year where people gather around to eat great food, say what they are thankful for and, for some, it’s the one time of the year where they get to see their family. No one’s family is exactly the same, but there are certain family members in most families who always make this holiday very memorable.

1. The dad with his dad jokes

These are the types of jokes everyone knows and loves, but these are funny in a different way. These jokes won’t make you laugh—in fact, it will probably make everyone around the dinner table cringe. While we may not think the typical dad jokes are funny, we love them anyway because of the effort and lovable nature our fathers do to try and make everyone around them feel good.   

2. The carefree aunt

There is nothing more entertaining than having that one aunt who tells us stories about how she gets to travel the world, teaches us about her interesting hobbies and gives us the details about her booming love life. This is the type of family member that will keep you on your toes and make you feel like a friend (in a good way) rather than just a niece or a nephew.

3. Your favorite cousin

They say our cousins are our first friends, so being able to see them during Thanksgiving will feel like catching up with your lifelong best friend. The bond between cousins is something that is very unique and unmatched, and it’s easy to catch up together while you tell stories about school, work and everything in between.  

4. The sassy grandmother

This grandmother will make us laugh with her antics, her insults and the way she picks on our parents. Her sass remains unmatched in everyone’s family, but we let her get away with it. Make sure that Turkey is cooked just right, or you’ll hear her comments about it until next year!

5. Grandpa, the storyteller

Whether your grandpa was a war veteran, a billionaire or a homebody, your grandfather will always have a different story to tell you every time they visit—even when you’re not in the mood to hear it. However, at the end of the day, you’re always thankful for having a grandfather who has the time to share his wisdom and stories with you.

6. The stressed out mom

Mothers deserve a lot of credit during Thanksgiving. They always make sure the house is clean, the food is delicious, and want to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Thanksgiving always end up being a success because of her, so make sure you thank her. She’ll be upstairs after dinner because she’ll definitely be rewarding herself with a nap.


Thanksgiving is a holiday where we remember what we’re thankful for, so let us remember to be thankful for every member of our family too. They add to the holidays, and, without them, we wouldn’t have as many funny stories to tell or new memories to make.