Ways to Combat Senioritis


Olivia Craft, Managing Editor

With the last month of classes among us, many students are beginning to feel the exhaustion and complacency set in. Those who are seniors are feeling especially burned out due to 3-5 years of higher education. 


It is easy to slack and fall behind when feeling this type of way, therefore here are some tips to help you try to stay on track for the next few weeks. 


Yes, soak up the last of the undergraduate college experience, but do not forget that there are responsibilities. 


One of the things that I have found the most helpful is compiling a master list of all of the assignments and their due dates for the rest of the semester. I like to keep this list handy so that I can easily see what is due and when. 


You may have a planner where you like to keep this information, but if you are a procrastinator like me then the masterlist will help with time management. I have learned throughout my three years in college that sometimes seeing everything spaced out on a planner makes it easier to push it off because you can actually see that you have some time to complete it. 


It is also important to stick to a routine. Being that spring break has come and gone, there are not really any more holidays that could potentially throw off your daily college routine. If you stick with your routine, you can allot yourself the adequate time for work and play. 


A way to keep yourself motivated is by starting a “graduation countdown.” If you are not a senior, you could do a “summer countdown.” This will give you a visual for your goal–to get through the semester. 


Another way to fight off the effects of senioritis is by surrounding yourself with other students and motivating one another to stick it out for the next month. Support from one another is key during these times.


The last semester of college tends to be the most challenging simply because at this point, the majority of graduating students are over even the thought of college. These few easy tips will help you to thrive throughout the last semester.