Campus thrift store ends after two-day run

Davis Cobb, Correspondent

As part of the larger Southern Sustainability Week, a weeklong event organized by Georgia Southern’s Office of Community Leadership and Engagement, the campus thrift store was a two-day event held at the Russell Union rotunda, where students could drop by to purchase donated clothing items and accessories donated by fellow students.

“It’s a good way to combat fast fashion,” said volunteer Katherine Cappello, a freshman. “And a lot of people who come here, they mention that it’s a lot cheaper than Goodwill down the street!”

The thrift store was initially planned to be introduced during last year’s Southern Sustainability Week, but due to the entire event being canceled because of the pandemic and the school’s shutdown, the store’s opening was postponed until it could be properly unveiled with this year’s Sustainability Week.

“I think it’s a good activity to get people out and looking, and then give them some opportunity to learn about being sustainable and sustainable shopping,” said GS senior Rhiannon Patrick, another volunteer. “Everybody likes cheap clothes!”

Students who donated items to the store were provided with store credit based on what they donated, though credit could also be earned by donating various canned goods and hygiene products, which will go to the Eagle Essentials Food Pantry that provides supplies and necessities to students who need it.

Though it was only open for two days–and only four total hours–the store seemed to have been received quite positively by the student body.

“I love thrift stores; they’re like my favorite thing to do, so when I saw [the Campus Thrift Store], I was like, ‘I’m definitely going to check it out!’” Stated Rose, a junior, “It was pretty cool! I like that it’s all donation-based!”

Jasmine Stovall, a freshman, said, “I’ve never heard of a campus having a thrift store before, so it’s definitely something new.”

The campus thrift store will return next year as part of the next Southern Sustainability Week, so students that missed out will have another chance to check out the store in the future.