How to Make Money Remotely this Summer


Jenna Wiley, Editor-in-Chief

Looking for a summer job usually comes relatively easy, especially if you are staying in a college town. However, with Covid-19 still raging this past year, finding jobs became quite challenging. However, students looking to make some extra money this summer may find themselves lucky as many remote positions remain available. If you stand out as one those people searching for an online position, perhaps you can find the perfect remote job to earn money this summer. 



A customer service representative holds the responsibility of supporting customers by supplying useful information, providing answers to questions and additionally handling complaints. Luckily, most of these inquiries come by phone or email, making it the perfect remote position. These types of jobs require above average communication skills and the ability to deal with frustrated customers. If you think you meet the qualifications and don’t mind some angry customers from time to time, this seems like the perfect way to bring in some easy cash this summer.



Many high-ranking members from different companies hire assistants to handle smaller issues and jobs that they cannot fit on their schedule. As a virtual assistant, possible tasks that may come your way include taking phone calls, scheduling appointments or meetings, responding to emails and even paying bills. A good amount of these tasks usually get handled solely online, making it a great option for those looking for remote work. The ability to multitask along with top-notch attention to detail will benefit you in your role as a virtual assistant.



Got a good GPA and feel comfortable teaching subjects you know to other students? You may want to consider tutoring students in those areas which you find come naturally to you. Being a tutor can feel highly rewarding, as spreading your knowledge to others usually does. While many tutoring jobs exist right on campus, it also remains possible to freelance yourself out to various other students as well. Tutoring online remains one of the simplest ways to make money using information you need to know anyway.



A virtual call center agent assists in various tasks that involve telecommunications. These jobs can include customer service, telemarketing, making reservations and scheduling. Once again, excellent communication skills will definitely help you snag a remote position such as this. Prepare yourself to spend a majority of your day on the phone if this job sparks your interest. With a massive amount of virtual call centers out there, finding a job at one should not stand out as too challenging.



Freelance writing can bring in big bucks if the proper time and effort get put into it. If you consider yourself a decent writer, you may want to consider freelancing. Businesses and individuals that require writing services often look to freelancers for what they may need.