Georgia Southern Museum collecting artifacts for Vietnam War exhibit in Bulloch County

Rachel Adams

A Georgia Southern University student is working with the GS Museum to create an exhibit at the Bulloch County Annex that will showcase Vietnam War-era artifacts and histories of people who served in the war.

Breana James, a GS public history student, is leading a project to collect artifacts from the Vietnam War to create the Bulloch County’s Military History and Heritage exhibit.

James said that she and the GS Museum are hoping to collect as many artifacts as possible to fill the space available to them for the exhibit.

“There are currently over 15 artifacts in the space today,” James said. “As the for the oral history interviews, we will be conducting a minimum of five interviews with veterans with roots in Bulloch County, some of which will also be on display in the exhibit space.”

The exhibit will contain military history and commemorate veterans from the Bulloch County area that gave their lives in the war as well as those who still live in the community today.

“Warfare touches individual lives and communities deeply, and I hope the exhibit catches a glimpse of that while giving the public an opportunity to explore such a deep connection,” James said.

The exhibit will be completed in spring 2019.

Rachel Adams, The George-Anne News Reporter,