Students share cookies and conversation with new dean of students


Caitlin-Grace Daniels, Correspondent

Students got the chance to meet Georgia Southern’s newest dean of students at the Russell Union Rotunda Wednesday as she passed out cookies and talked to students to show she’s a dean that cares.

“My vision or the thing I want to be is one that students feel is approachable, personable, cares about their vested interests and is not just a dean that they see every blue moon,” said Aileen Dowell, GS’ dean of students “I want to be someone that they see on campus often and that they can have a conversation with. Whether it is about a hardship, a crisis or just to share they got an A on a paper that they didn’t think they were going to get.”

The George-Anne spoke with Dowell to see what kind of dean she wants to be.

Starting out, what are some of your aspirations at GS for student life? 

“As we return back to normal in the fall, I want students to feel like they are still engaging and connected to our campus,” said Dowell. “We are here for their growth and we are here to help them do whatever it takes to walk to the stage. We will ensure that students know that we are engaged and connected and that the pandemic did not stop any show.”

How do you feel about your role as dean so far and looking towards the future?

“Many things have been virtual or behind the computer screen, so I am excited to walk campus, to be in the midst of the Chick-fil-A line or to be at any athletic event or any kind of classroom presentation. I am just excited for what is to come and to see what Georgia Southern life is pre-pandemic and now post-pandemic.”

Do you have a quote or verse that you live by or look to for inspiration? 

“Oh this a good one! I have been using the following quote in my life for some time now and it has been and will be my go-to when sharing inspiration with students: ‘Hard work beats talent, when talent does not work hard.'”