Last Chance to Get Vaccinated Before Summer

Students Can Receive the Moderna Vaccine at the Armstrong Center

Rebecca Munday, Managing Editor

Armstrong students can receive the Moderna COVID-19 on Tuesday, May 4 and Thursday, May 6 at the Armstrong Center. SouthCoast Health and other community partners will host the Southside COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. 

Unlike other vaccine clinics this semester, vaccines will only be available on a walk-in basis. Students will not be able to make an appointment ahead of time. 

However, students who receive their first vaccine at the clinic will be able to make an appointment for their second dose while on site. Students receiving their first dose of the vaccine on May 4 and May 6 will be due to receive their second dose on Jun. 1 and Jun. 3 respectively.

Across the nation, everyone over the age of 16 is eligible for the vaccine, though the Moderna vaccine is only approved under emergency use authorization (EUA) for individuals 18 years and older. 

Finals week is ongoing, meaning that many students are expected to leave campus soon. The American College Health Association encourages students who have not started their vaccine series to schedule their first vaccine appointment at their earliest convenience, and to make the second appointment at the same time. When students do get vaccinated, they should protect and make copies of their vaccination cards. 

If students need help finding a location to schedule their vaccination, they can:

For more information about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines, visit: