Unique Thanksgiving Traditions You’ll Wish You Thought Of

Christina McKinley

Turkey, dinner and pilgrims. That’s usually what we think of when we think about Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday where we get together with family and friends and eat a lot of food. It has become a grand tradition in the United States, one that has even been adopted into our government in the Turkey Pardoning.

“My family gets together and we eat a lot [and] appreciate what we have and who we have,” said Alyssa Milstead, a freshman public relations major.


But Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday to some people, and they show it through some unique traditions.

Here are some traditions that are too good to pass up:

Start With Breakfast

Many people are all about skipping breakfast on Thanksgiving because of the amount of food they’ll inevitably have later in the day. But what’s the harm in indulging? If you like breakfast, make some. And since it’s Thanksgiving, make it a feast! Make all your favorite foods and more, and share with whoever you want.

Have Everyone Make a Toast

Thanksgiving is a time to think about what you’re thankful for, so let everyone in the room make a toast. Hearing positive points of the year, or even of the day, can help bring up the mood of the holiday even more. You can find more things to appreciate and find others to appreciate those things with.


Take a Walk After Dinner

Taking a walk, or even a small break, after eating gives you time to spend with family and friends. You could even spend some time by yourself if that’s something you prefer. This way, you can enjoy the autumn season with your loved one and work of some of the food you ate to make room for dessert. You can also contemplate the year and bond with the people you care about.

If You Can’t Travel, FaceTime

We are in a time where we can connect with people anywhere around the world at the push of a button. This makes a great opportunity for you to keep in touch with people who are far away during the holiday. If you can’t travel or they can’t make it to Thanksgiving dinner, FaceTime each other. Even if you’re not in the same room, you can still spend the holiday together.


If You Don’t Like Turkey, Try Something Else

Turkey isn’t the only Thanksgiving food out there. There are so many to choose from and it would be a shame to never try them.

Friendsgiving and Misfit’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is usually a family affair, but you have friends to be thankful for too. Set up a date when you can get together and share the holiday with them. Invite your friends to join you or even plan a day when you can accommodate everyone. It can be a potluck or you can be in charge of the food yourself if you like to cook. Make it a fun, laid-back get together for everyone.


Prep for Christmas

One holiday down, one more to go. When all the Thanksgiving festivities are over, maybe start looking at Christmas things. You’ll stay in the holiday spirit this way.


“Usually, after dinner, we go look at Christmas lights,” said Caitleigh Hamer, a sophomore marketing major, “Because, in Columbus, there’s this house. Every year, they put on this huge show and the whole neighborhood usually does it. They decorate their houses and it’s really cool. And we usually get ready for Black Friday and to go shopping.”


Make Up Your Own

In the end, traditions don’t matter so much as the spirit of the holiday. Thanksgiving, as the name implies, is an opportunity to give thanks for what you have. You and your family have every right to express that in any way you want. Do what’s most meaningful for you and make the most out of the holiday.


Have any other unique Thanksgiving traditions? Share them in the comments below!