Could liquor make its way into city limits?

Fall vote could put trips to ‘the Line’ behind us

Could liquor make its way into city limits?

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

Liquor runs to the county line could become a thing of the past depending on how Statesboro votes this November.

Any voter registered in Statesboro can have their ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ counted in this fall’s package sales referendum, including Georgia Southern students with Statesboro addresses, but without passing, the referendum can’t be voted on again for another two years.

In the meantime, special regulations and stipulations are being added to the referendum that may include how many liquor stores are allowed or how far they would have to be from a school or residential area.

Bulloch County is one of five dry counties in Georgia, but at the Statesboro City Council meeting, City Manager Charles Penny estimated that putting package stores within city limits could bring in at least $270,000 in tax revenue annually.

To register to vote in Statesboro, all you need is a Statesboro address. You can check if you’re registered in Statesboro or change where you’re registered at online.