Parking and Transportation’s lost and found

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Tara Bailey

Georgia Southern University Parking and Transportation holds various lost items from its buses.

Each week, First Transit comes into the Parking and Transportation office at GS to relinquish items that were left on school buses.

“When a student comes in to retrieve the item, they have to describe it in detail before we relinquish it,” Eddie Mills, the associate vice president of auxiliary services, said.

Some of the items that are currently in the lost and found box include keys, glasses, sunglasses, books and a set of crutches. However, if a student happens to leave valuable items, such as a cell phone or a wallet, those items will immediately be delivered to the parking and transportation office.

“We keep it for a year and then try to find a home for it,” Mills said.

This home for lost items includes different places. Books are returned to the bookstore, clothes are either donated or thrown out, keys are given to the police department and other stuff can remain in the lost and found box.

For more information about lost items, please contact First Transit at (912) 681-2973 or the GS Parking and Transportation office at (912) 478-7275.

Tara Bailey, The George-Anne Enterprise Reporter,