The debate between e-books and paper copies

Shay Parker, Correspondent

Every year students have to decide whether to purchase an e-book or a copy of their textbooks for their classes.

Students have to consider a number of factors when making their decision like whether they want a physical copy or if they don’t have access to a device. They also have to consider the possibility of WiFi going out, or whether their computer is charged.

“I prefer paper copies of textbooks because they are more convenient,” Amy Parker, a GS student said. “With eBooks you have to rely on a good enough internet connection and making sure your technology of choice is charged.” 

Some students find e-books helpful for when they have a lot of classes and walking to do and can help lift that load off your back. They also like the flexibility of being able to highlight and annotate and not having to worry about whether or not they brought their book.

“I think it is much easier to work with and I don’t have a heavy textbook in my bookbag, and I never have to deal with forgetting a textbook at my dorm, ” Nia Rose said.

While students get both physical and e-books from the campus bookstore, some found it cheaper ordering online somewhere like Amazon.