Chipotle coming to Statesboro this fall

Barberitos and Surcheros see a little competition

Chipotle coming to Statesboro this fall

Justin Hall, Correspondent

Chipotle will make its way to Statesboro this fall, seating itself between two similar, fast-casual Mexican restaurants, stirring up some competition in the plaza.

“We’re not worried,” said Lily Figueroa, manager of Surchero’s. “Usually, when there’s a Chipotle close to us, we do much better. We give out free chips and a salsa bar and we have regular customers.”

This Chipotle is shooting to have the restaurant open up beside the Neighborhood Walmart by November, according to Project Manager Steven Holden of the Horizon Construction Company. 

Within walking distance of the restaurant are Barberitos and Surcheros which offer a similar dining experience to Chipotle, but Surcheros doesn’t sweat the competition.

“Our burritos are grilled and we also grill any vegetables customers like and our spice blend is really good,” said Figueroa. “We give out free chips and a salsa bar and we have regular customers.”

 The George-Anne reached out to Barberitos who declined to comment on the new restaurant.

 The restaurant will seat over 60 patrons with a patio for outdoor dining and a drive thru for mobile order pickup.

Editor’s note: Since the publication of this article, Barberitos gave the George-Anne this statement from CEO Downing Barber:

“Barberitos mission is to serve its farm-fresh food to the community and its people. This means that many of our menu items are prepared and cooked in-house daily with fresh ingredients. And that each restaurant is required to be involved in its local community.”