Young Dems host Women’s March for reproductive rights

Morgan Bridges, Correspondent

Around 40 women’s rights supporters gathered together for the Young Democrats’ Women’s Rights March Saturday morning, calling for protection of reproductive rights.

The morning’s activities began with participants meeting at Sweetheart Circle with opening words and greetings from Young Dem President Julianna Shelly before the crowd marched to the Bulloch County Judicial Annex. Supporters made their voices heard through a peaceful demonstration calling out chants for abortion justice and support of Roe v. Wade. 

“I am a political science professor here in Statesboro, ” Kate Perry, one of the march’s attendees said. “I teach gender studies specifically, and I believe in standing up for women and showing my support.” 

“I have done all of the women’s marches in the area.” Katherine Fitch, another local attendee  said. “Abortion rights are the most important thing to be protected with all the challenges coming against Roe v. Wade. We won’t keep rights by sitting by. We have to fight for them.” 
“Our Women’s March this past Saturday was an incredible success,” Young Dem President Julianna Shelly said. “As we demonstrated an overwhelming passion for change, our cry for abortion justice was heard throughout the Statesboro community, and we’re not done. Our march did not end on the steps of the Bulloch County Courthouse. The fight for abortion justice was never just a one day event. We will continue to fight until we secure abortion access for all!”