How to get Your Sexy Back: Dating advice


Conway is a junior journalism major from Manchester, New Hampshire.

Ashton Christianson

For most people, it can be challengingーand scaryーto go out into the dating world. With these tips, you’ll not only navigate through, but also concur your true love’s heart.


Confidence is the Key

We all are self conscious about some aspect of ourselves, which can hold us back at times. This can cause us to miss out on amazing opportunities.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

No one is perfect so learn to not compare yourself to others. It’s okay to admire people and want to emulate them, but these celebrities we see on television are unrealistic. Trying to achieve a perfect body is impracticable.

Feel Good, Look Good:

Instead, wear an outfit you feel your best in. The concept is pretty simple: if you feel good, you look good. You might need to dress your best every day to start to feel more confident.


Say a Motto or a Quote

Some people say a motto in their head or read inspirational uplifting quotes to help boost their confidence.



Other ways to help boost your confidence is to grow as a person in an area of life you want to be better at. By growing, you start to become proud of yourself for achieving these new goals in your life.


It may not be easy at first to build up your confidence, but don’t get discouraged. With time, along with trial and error, you will start to notice a change in how you view yourself as a person.

Just Breathe

It can be a little nerve-racking when you start to think about how they might reject you, but taking a deep breath can help to ease those nerves. The worst thing anyone can say is no.

Guys don’t always make the first move, but you can. This is why building up your confidence is great because it will help to give you courage. Nothing gained, nothing lost, right?


How to gain more confidence always depends on what a person is like as an individual, so try different things until you find what works for you.


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