SGA senator to hold listening session for diversity and inclusion proposal

Rachel Adams

A Student Government Association senator will hold a listening session Tuesday at the Russell Union to discuss a proposal to promote and improve discussion about diversity and inclusion among students.

Keyshawn Housey, SGA senator-at-large, will host the listening session at 6 p.m. in room 2048, where he will answer questions and address concerns about the resolution.

Housey introduced the proposal during the solidarity walk on Oct. 19, held in response to the “triggerish” incident in July.  

The resolution reads: “The Georgia Southern University Student Government Association supports the implementation of an ethnicity and diversity training curriculum and providing students and staff the platform to speak their grievances regarding race, diversity and inclusion.”

In the resolution, Housey also mentions the need for mandated diversity and inclusion training for students and the importance of the university taking action in such matters.

Housey said this type of training would be especially beneficial for students given today’s societal and political climate.

“It is imperative that Georgia Southern University students have a solidified source of training related to diversity and inclusion, preferably in the form of an approved and uniform curriculum,” the resolution reads. “It is also imperative that the administration of Georgia Southern University continues listening to the concerns of their students and meeting their concerns with credible and timely responses.”

In an email, Housey said the resolution has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from members of the GS administration.

“I plan to break down the resolution section by section and its purpose in order to persuade the student population into supporting the resolution,” Housey said in the email. “In this I hope to address the concerns that this institution is not providing a curriculum that provides civil discourse concerning diversity. As I said at the rally, quoting the bible, ‘Faith without works is dead.’ The faith is there. The work is the follow-through. This is the work.”

The entire resolution can be viewed below:

Rachel Adams, The George-Anne News Reporter,