What’s next for last month’s protesting professors?


Briana Corlee

GS professor Rebecca Kennerly calls for more robust COVID-19 protocols on campus. GS’ chapter of the AAUP began their first day of protests for mask mandates at the Russell Union Rotunda on September 13, 2021.

Vanessa Countryman, Correspondent

In mid-September, faculty and staff protested for a mask mandate back in classrooms, but now that these protests are over with no change to COVID-19 precautions on campus, what will they do next?

“I remain hopeful that the Board of Regents will implement a mask mandate for the University System of Georgia,” said Michelle Haberland, president of Georgia Southern’s American Association of University Professors. “In the end, science really must prevail, particularly at universities.” 

Haberland didn’t state whether there will be any further action taken following the protests and has not responded to further emails from the George-Anne.

“We cannot hope for help from the governor or Board of Regents,” said Greg Brock, a GS professor among last month’s protesters. “We can also call out and hopefully embarrass the anti-vax local GOP party and anti-vax activists plaguing vaccination spots in the local paper.”

“If even one person got a vaccine because of our protests, then we are successful,” said Brock. “I cannot name such a person, but hope dies last.”