Vaccine incentives are nice, but safety should be enough incentive, students say

Vaccine incentives ‘shallow’ says student


Morgan Bridges, Correspondent

As vaccinations dropped off around the end of the spring semester, Georgia Southern began offering cash incentives to those getting vaccinated, with some students saying that staying safe should have been enough of an incentive.

Over the past few weeks, Georgia Southern has offered incentives for students to get vaccinated. The incentives so far have included a $50 prize to their Eagle card and a weekly $1000 cash prize drawn on the remaining Fridays of this month. Students have had their own opinions about incentives for masks and vaccinations.

“I agree that money is a nice incentive,” India Fleming, a freshman Biology major said. “Especially if the cases start going up again.”

Other students sought out incentives in other places. 

“Money is nice, but I just want to keep my family safe,” Austin Stanford, a sophomore Outdoor Recreation major said “I’d rather have normalcy and not have to worry about this stuff, like wearing a mask or social distancing.”

“I get the point of incentives, like extra credit or money,” senior Biology major Sarah Martinez said. “I saw the incentives after I had already gotten vaccinated five months ago, and I find it a bit shallow. I just want to protect others around me, and I think others should too.”