They’re Just Not That Into You: Signs That You Should Steer Clear

Red flags…*cough* ‘Couch Guy’ *cough*


Erin Chambers, Culture Editor

If you haven’t heard of TikTok’s infamous “couch guy” by now, you might just be living under a rock. Robbie McCoy, aka Couch Guy, and his girlfriend, Lauren Zarras, went viral after she uploaded a TikTok video of her surprising her long distance beau at college on Sept. 21. 

The short recording, which is synchronized to Ellie Goulding’s passionate (and now TikTok famous) tune “Still Falling for You,” shows Zarras eagerly entering McCoy’s college apartment in an effort to surprise him. As Zarras makes her way into the apartment, the camera pans into the living room, where McCoy is seen sitting on the couch with three other women. His roommates are also visible in the TikTok, laughing at how seemingly uncomfortable McCoy is.

If Zarras catching her man on the couch with other girls wasn’t bad enough, his reaction to seeing her come in made it so much worse. He definitely appears to be surprised, but not in a good way. He seemed to awkwardly distance himself from the girl sitting next to him on the couch, who seemingly had his phone in her left hand and her right hand on his back. He then slowly stood up to hug Zarras and gave an incredibly confused look to his roommate by doing so. 

The TikTok quickly went viral and now has over 60 million views and over 130 thousand comments. Most of these comments are urging Zarras to dump her boyfriend or addressing how awkward the video is. “I don’t like the sneaky phone pass AT ALL,” said one viewer. “I’ve never seen someone look so unhappy to see their girlfriend,” said another. 

While a crazy amount of people seem to be in agreement on “couch guy” being shady, Zarras simply doesn’t see it. “Breaks my heart that people can watch a special moment and bring so much negativity. Please think before you assume anything about my relationship,” said Zarras in the comment section of the TikTok. 

Whether he was set up by his roommates or the surprise was genuine, it’s clear that something about the video just doesn’t feel right. Even if McCoy isn’t unfaithful, he definitely does not seem interested in the relationship based off of the surprise video of him.

So, with this clip being such a hot topic right now, here are some signs that he/she/they’re just not that into you.

They have the same energy as Couch Guy

Juuust kidding… kinda. But in all seriousness, if your significant other isn’t super elated to see you (especially if it’s long distance), then they might not be the one for you. Your SO should reciprocate your energy when you two are together. If they’re not, then byeeee. 


They’re not interactive with you on social media

This might seem cliche, but it can be a huge factor when it comes to knowing if they’re down for you or not. While some people just might not post about their private relationships on Instagram or any other media outlet, it doesn’t mean they can’t send cute memes, like your posts or interact with you. 

However, this is just the blueprint for those who are regularly on social media. If your special someone just isn’t about media consumption, then fear not. Just remember, “couch guy” waited days before defending his relationship online (the red flags just keep coming from this dude, I know).


The body language is just off

When it comes to body language, everyone is different, but there are some vital signs to better know how they feel about you. If someone is really into you, their body language will show it without them even noticing. If their body is positioned towards you or their legs are crossed in your direction, that’s a good sign. If their arms stay crossed or they’re not facing your direction, they could be trying to keep a distance from you. 


They seem distracted

Everyone gets busy, but if your better half has seemed different for longer than just a brief period of time, there might be trouble in paradise. If the convos have gotten stale, the chemistry isn’t there anymore or the vibes are off, it might be time for a talk. However, distraction from your SO could be from a multitude of things, so try not to assume until you guys have discussed what’s going on. 


You get anxious when you think of them

While these signs are mostly about your partner’s behavior, this one is all about you. Do you feel anxious rather than excited or happy when you think of them? Does thinking about the future stress you out more than it normally does? Then it might be time to reevaluate how you actually feel about them. Afterall, a relationship is a two way street.