Eagles and their side hustles

Some students have made their own businesses, but it’s not all about the money


Briyanna Thompson, Correspondent

With hobbies turned into side hustles, these Georgia Southern students used their talents to stay financially stable while getting their college education as well. 

“I started my line because I wanted to create something that not only added to their confidence and demeanor, but also motivated their ambition and hustle,” said Kiara Blue, a senior at GS that owns K$ Apparel Fashion Design, a unisex streetwear clothing line.

Kiara has run her solo business for just five months, so it’s not enough to take care of all the bills, she said.

“My sales aren’t consistent enough to benefit or contribute to my everyday life and spending,” Said Blue. “My end goal is for my business to be successful enough that I can open multiple storefronts and use my business to support my life.”

Tiara Lewis, a biology/Pre-med major is the owner of Miss Pretty Posh, her business provides womens clothing. 

“I have always had a love for fashion, so this gives me a chance to show my style that others will love to wear,” said Lewis. 

Lewis has been running her business for one year with two assistants that help her with her business, updating her website and social media and coordinating with brand ambassadors for photoshoots. 

Lewis said that her end goal is to become a 6-figure business so she can be successful and put herself through medical school. 

“I have made some great profit off of retail,” said Lewis. “I have been able to pay myself and take breaks from working for somebody.”

A small business doesn’t have to be run solo, Lewis said.

“It does not have to be rushed,” said Lewis. “Always remember school is first and business comes second. It is important to have great time management and a team is needed. If you want to be successful and not overwhelmed, get a team.” 

Kiara runs her business solo, however, driven by her own passion, which is a necessity, she said.

“Make sure you have some type of passion behind your business so that you are constantly motivated to keep doing it,” said Blue. “The first year or two of business is hard and takes a lot of consistency, so if your main reason for being in business is to make money, you’ve already started wrong.”

Many students at GS have found many different ways to make money and keep themselves financially stable and students can find many different businesses and services from fellow students like hair stylists, nail techs and more through different instagram pages like GSU Small Businesses.