Maximalism for Less

Lauren Sabia, Campus Editor

Maximalism is all about being extra and doing the most. While it looks good and may be aesthetically pleasing, doing the most can cost the most sometimes, too. How can you get the look you want without breaking to bank? Here are some tips to achieve maximalism for less?

Decor and Design

Photo by Kayla Hill

Do it yourself

Try DIYing furniture or artwork. Print out a cute picture and pop it in a frame. Buy a cute table from Five Below and paint some cool designs on it. You can buy anything for less and add your own creative spin for a maximalist look.

Why buy what you can get for free?

Look on sites like Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone in your area is giving away furniture for free. You may stumble upon a vintage gem or a piece that’s dying to be revamped. Dumpster diving—while not the most sanitary—is always an option for a more extreme DIYer.

Fashion to the Maxxxxxx

Photo by Kyle Jenkins

Thrifting is your best friend

Hey Georgia Southern, can we go thrift shopping? No seriously, the best way to get a multitude of fun, colorful clothes and accessories to layer together is by buying them second hand (it’s also better for the environment)!  

Reuse, Revamp and Repurpose

Do you have any clothing items that are getting old, stained, or torn? Get crafty and dye that old shirt a bright color or sew a patterned patch over the hole in your jacket. Bonus points the more eclectic it looks. A recent trend is to even make your own chunky, colorful rings, earrings, and bracelets with bakeable clay. 

Spruce up what you already have

Adding some of your jewelry is an easy thing to layer up and max out your outfit. This “style” is all about mixing other styles, layering textures, colors and patterns, and wearing what makes you feel most confident. Get creative with your closet and have fun with it!