Reflector Reviews: You


Mckenzie Kerrigan, Events and Engagement

You’re reading my article…not just any article MY article. With all this news to choose from you still chose mine.What was it that intrigued you? What brought you here, and chose me? I need to know if it’s because you saw the new season of You. Or maybe, just maybe it’s me.


Season three of You made its debut last Friday, and has since grown from a small Lifetime series, to a show that has confirmed a season four spot with Netflix. This show based on the book Hidden Bodies, has been a hit due to its spectacular actors, and some red flags we can’t ignore. 


While the new season includes some new characters as we say goodbye to season two, we see Tati Gabrielle, who some may recognise from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Gabrielle was very intrigued about her new role, and advocated for her character to be persistent with challenges black women face today. She played the role exquisitely and you can expect her to be a big character in the show, as with the rest of the diverse suburbians we meet.


The season consisted of a modern soundtrack featuring Lorde, and even Bon Iver covering Taylor Swift. The newer mainstream music was a nice switch compared to the earlier seasons, but kept the same energy as before. You can expect to see Joe (and Love) continuing their story together, with the same antics of course. However, this season moves from L.A to the suburbs of California in a small town known as Madre Linda. The new slow paced lifestyle is just what they need to start their family, as we left off with a pregnancy. The main scenes take place in their new suburban home, and of course a library, and maybe a few other places that you’ll have to find out for yourself.


Overall, fans have had a lot to say of the new season. For those who have finished the show they have said they feel torn, while others say not so much. It leaves people wondering what is next? While everyone waits for the next season we all can only imagine what will be next for everyone. And who we will see in the fourth season, and who we will have to part ways with…


As the french say C’est tout.