‘The athletic program is elevating’ after head coach hire, says Marrero

GS’ hire of ex-USC coach puts GS in the national spotlight, says Marrero

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

Georgia Southern Athletics made a big hire last month, bringing in Clay Helton from Southern California as head coach of the football team – something President Kyle Marrero feels puts GS in the national spotlight.

 “[I’m] getting calls and texts from all over the country going ‘Congratulations’,” said Marrero. “It’s big for our conference… This has put us in the national spotlight.”

Helton, a Florida native, left USC in September with a record of 46-24.

“We look forward, as a team, to showing you our grit, toughess, discipline and that G.A.T.A. mentality that has produced championships right here in Statesboro, Helton said in a Twitter video announcing the hire.

“We just feel like we are fortunate in timing, and aspect and talent and the person that we know will continue the legacy, build character and help our student athletes be the very best,” said Marrero. “The whole athletic program is elevating.”

Marrero noted that it’s an “interesting time” for college athletics with athletes entering their own contracts and now being able to profit off their own name, image and likeness.

“We were really looking … at one of the attributes of our next head coach is to understand how to navigate that [and] continue to build character and accountability within the young men we have the privilege to be part of their life,” said Marrero.

“At the end of the day our expectations are that we have a winning, successful football program and we feel confident he’s going to bring that,” said Marrero.