What To Do on a ‘No Bones’ Day

What To Do on a No Bones Day

Mckenzie Kerrigan, Events and Engagement Editor

So, Noodle said it was a No Bones Day. For those who are unclear of what a No Bones Day is, it is when Noodle, a pug that has recently gone viral on TikTok, decides not to use his bones for the day. Jon Graziano, the owner of the pug, says this means to take this as a sign to “flop”—but what do you do on a No Bones Day?

After talking to students on campus, many agreed it was a day to just relax. Abby DeGarlais, a dual enrollment student on the Statesboro campus, said she likes to take it easier on a No Bones Day. “While no bones is not good, it’s also not necessarily bad. It just means that you need to care [of] yourself,” said DeGarlais. When asked if she agreed with No Bones Days being mediocre days, she said she felt like the days can be “meh” but when something unlucky occurs she says “When bad days do happen, they tend to land on a No Bones Day”.

Others like Savannah Thomas said that she likes to “…bum out everyday!”

After talking with the Counseling Center on campus, they said that no matter what a No Bones Day is to you, you can always follow the tips they have posted on their instagram, join one of their workshops, or schedule an appointment. They say taking plenty of breaks, focusing on what you can control, and remembering that this day isn’t forever is the perfect recipe for those tough days.

Care for your mental and physical

There is no better day to give yourself a little extra love. These days can make you feel down in the dumps or in a rut, so what is best and encouraged is to do something that can help you relax. While you know yourself best, things like a nice bath or an intense workout can be just what you need to release the stress. Other things like reading a book, painting, and even a movie marathon can be a perfect low energy activity for these types of days.

Reach out to friends and family

It’s okay to not be okay. Communication is key. Talking to someone you trust can help ease the stress you may be dealing with. Talking is a great way to let go and find new perspectives.

Hit the basics

We all have a ‘No Bones Day’ every once in a while. It may seem odd but, remembering to eat a good meal and drink plenty of water is the most essential to any day. While this should be done everyday, on slow days it can seem a little harder to find the energy to give your body what it needs. When you’re having these days, try keeping a big container of water or a few bottles for those low energy moments, paired with high energy snacks, and a boost of motivation for bathroom breaks.