Publix resumes construction for fall ‘22 open date

Morgan Bridges, Correspondent

Returning from the winter break, you may have noticed some progress being made at the Publix construction site. 

In lieu of the ground-breaking of May 2021, construction of the Statesboro Publix came to a halt at the latter half of last year, leaving the community in the dark in terms of its progress and future. 

More construction began just ahead of the new year, including leveling for the structure’s foundation and the creation of new entryways. This 66,000 square foot shopping center will also house up to five shops and two buildings, previously reported by The George-Anne.

Despite setbacks due to the ongoing pandemic, the estimated opening remains the same. A new sign just off of Veterans Memorial Parkway displays its originally-planned fall 2022 opening date, putting much local worry to rest. The community can now plan for the new Publix to come to Statesboro sooner rather than later.