Feeling 2022

How to finally stick to your New Year’s resolutions

Lauren Sabia, Editor-In-Chief

Welcome back Georgia Southern! We hope you are feeling 2022 just as much as Taylor Swift and all of us here at the Reflector. Have you curated your New Year’s resolutions and goals yet?

Fresh starts, new beginnings and a lot of self reflection, whether you like it or not, comes with the territory of January 1st. However, New Year’s resolutions can quickly become disappointing when you only go to the gym for the first week and then forget about all of your promises to better yourself by Valentine’s Day. 

Some set their resolutions and stick to them all year, some set way too many so they fail and some do not even believe in New Year’s resolutions at all. Whether you fall into any of these categories, here are some tips on how to finally stick to them and start this year off right.   

Make sure your resolutions are realistic. 

Setting too many resolutions can make it harder to focus on any of them because you are spread too thin. Having three resolutions that you manage to achieve by the end of the year is a lot more rewarding than only partially achieving your list of 15. 

Also, going from never working out to going to the gym for two hours everyday might not be realistic for everyone. Reflect on yourself when creating your resolutions to make sure they are practical for YOU. 

If you have a larger goal, like “get in shape”, break it into smaller goals to make it more achievable and measurable. For example, one goal can be to cut back on soda, one can be to go on walks four times a week. These both help work towards the larger goal of getting in shape, but they are easier to track through the year.  

Write them down and look at it often. 

Whether you put them on a reminder app, write them on your mirror or list them at the front of your notebook, getting your resolutions on paper is like speaking them into existence. 

Try looking back at your resolutions list monthly, or even weekly, to see what can be done today to further achieve your goal. Make sure your list is somewhere you can easily check in on them so you never forget when life gets busy. 

Bonus points if you have an accountability buddy to check in on your progress with each resolution. Sharing with someone that has similar goals or that you trust can lift spirits and keep you motivated.

Stay positive.

Track your progress and reward yourself at certain checkpoints. Celebrate the little wins and be your own cheerleader as you work towards bettering yourself. 

Maybe it is August and you realize you have not worked on your goal to get into shape for the past month. That is okay, it is never too late to get back into it and it does not mean that you failed to complete the resolution. You do not have to wait until 2023 to try again. 

Remember that nothing can change overnight. It will take hard work to shake a bad habit or add a new one into your routine. Failure is okay, in fact it is normal. Setbacks are normal.

Resolutions are not a requirement set by society, and they do not define a person’s worth or ability if not completed. However, they sure are fun when you can look back at the end of the year proudly because you achieved all that you hoped for. Good luck and happy New Year!