A Look Inside Georgia Southern’s Gospel Choir


Kirsi Mullis, Guest Reporter

Fellowship, a safe space to share your passion and open-mindedness perfectly describe Georgia Southern’s recently-chartered Gospel Choir.

While a Gospel Choir has existed before in Georgia Southern history, it has been disbanded until this year. It was rechartered by Amare McJolly in Fall of 2021.

McJolly defines the group’s purpose as to “sing gospel music and sing praises” while also being a “safe space for like-minded people- not just for black people, but for everybody.”

Georgia Southern’s Gospel Choir embraces Gospel without sheet music, though a pianist may sometimes join sessions. Additionally, the group also prays before they sing and discusses what is going on in their student lives on campus. 

While the connection between group members is a major priority in this organization, their themes of fellowship also extend to the community. Last semester, the Gospel Choir aided in hosting the Southern Invitational High School Choral Competition and Festival for schools in the surrounding area. 

The Gospel Choir participated in festivals and activities, with the most notable being the Choir Jam Session, where students were taught gospel songs by word of mouth and encouraged to sing solos.

They hope to engage in events, such as a stand-alone performance this semester or a collaboration with another group’s event or performance. Nothing is set in stone, but the future looks bright for this new organization!

Georgia Southern’s Gospel Choir is open to anyone and everyone with a passion for gospel music and fellowship. If you are interested in joining, please contact Amare McJolly at am38835@georgiasouthern.edu