Georgia Southern provides clarification on Monday’s Eagle Alert

Brendan Ward

Georgia Southern University has provided clarification on Monday’s incorrect Eagle Alert.

The original Eagle Alert reported that an armed robbery occurred at The Hangout off of Lanier Drive when the armed robbery actually occurred at Southern Downs apartment complex off of Georgia Avenue.

The Eagle Alert was not a mistake and that the information was supplied to GS by the Statesboro Police,  Laura McCullough, chief of Georgia Southern Police Department said. McCullough’s answer was provided via email by Jennifer Wise, director of communications at GS. 

“This was not a mistake,” McCullough said. McCullough’s answer was provided via email by Wise. “The University shared the information that was communicated by the responding agency, the Statesboro Police Department, at the time. Situations such as this are often very fluid in nature and at times the information changes as the investigation progresses.”

 McCullough added the Eagle Alert was sent out quickly because it was most important that the university was warned of a possible danger.

 McCullough said, “The Eagle Alert was sent out as quickly as possible to ensure timely notification of a possible dangerous situation in the area of the Statesboro Campus. It was most important to make the campus community aware of what type of incident had occurred so they could take measures for their own personal safety. The location reported in the alert was in close vicinity to where it was later reported to have occurred. Therefore, the alert still provided a warning to anyone in the area of a potential threat.” McCullough’s answer was provided via email by Wise.

Brendan Ward, The George-Anne Coverage/Daily Managing Editor,