The biggest snowball fight in Southeast Georgia


John Caesar, Lifestyle Reporter

Last weekend at the William Center, a large number of students gathered around for the fun tradition of pelting each other with snowballs at the 22 Degrees event. Snow in name only of course. Countless white cotton balls blitzed through the air, hitting laughing students left and right. 

Music bombarded the partying auditorium adding a sense of hype and ambience. It was a complete warzone out there. “There was one crazy part where if you were against the wall, there would be a big group of people that just randomly attacked you,” reported one of the participating students.

If that wouldn’t be your cup of tea, here’s what else you missed. Warm food was served like chili and cornbread to keep you plenty cozy from the chill of the night. Right outside in front of the William Center there was a section where you could decorate cookies with sprinkles and icing of any color of your choice. 

You could even make your own custom snowflake ornaments for fun. The supplies were dished out to students who wished to participate, with plenty of tables stationed outside to work on the project.

The snowball fight event was a blast to be at, a wonderful way to kick off the first week back from school. The University Programming Board and Office of Student Activities held a very creative event filled with a hard-working staff and fun-loving students.