Seven Clothing Items to Wear Before Summer Ends

Alexi Simpson

The summer season is almost over, and everyone is starting to look forward to cooler days, colorful leaves and football season. But, before it gets cooler outside, there are certain outfits every girl should wear before the summer is over. Women will be able to be cute and comfortable as they eagerly approach the fall season.

White Summer Top:

White goes with everything, and it’s perfect to wear to a late evening barbeque, outdoor concert or a football game.


Cute Tank Top:

A perfect way to look stylish and keep cool during the summer heat at the same time. You can pair it with a cute pair of shorts, skirt or a nice pair of jeans.

Summer Dress:

If you want to have a nice night out or go to a calm picnic with your significant other, you can’t go wrong with this easy outfit. It’s cute, comfortable and a safe way to dress during the summer.

Jean Shorts:

They never go out of style, and you can pair it with your favorite top and shoes.

Ripped Jeans:

Cute, comfy and perfect to wear when you’re tired of wearing shorts. It’s a perfect way to mix up your outfits without overdressing and overheating yourself.


A cute and easy outfit you can show off in class, at a football game or a simple movie night in the dorm with friends.

Printed Shorts:

A great way to add a little flavor to your outfit on a sunny day.


These few items can look good on any woman. These simple but cute outfits can be fashionable, sensible and can help us enjoy this hot weather a little bit more before summer is up.