GS hosts third-annual “Hackathon”

Hackers can put their skills to the test


Vanessa Countryman, Digital managing editor

Georgia Southern hosts its third annual hackathon themedHack into Your Space” next Saturday where anyone can watch and participate in games and get prizes in the IT building.

“We have activities involving raspberry pis, cyber warfare, capture the flag, and more!” according to their website. 

No skill level is required and it is free. You can register through Southern Hacks

“SouthernHacks was started in 2020 by a group of passionate and dedicated hackers who wanted to bring the full hackathon experience to our campus and neighboring community for the first time,” according to their website.

Georgia Southern’s first ever hackathon in 2020 had a goal of problem solving with technology and students were rewarded based on their solutions. 

Awards are not limited just to winners; those who try their best will be given ‘swag’ for their efforts, according to the SouthernHacks webpage. 

For more information, visit Southernhacks.