Reflector Reviews: Matt Reeves’s “The Batman”


John Caesar, Lifestyle Reporter

“The Batman”, directed by Matt Reeves, brings audiences to a Gotham City we’ve seen before. Reeves adds a unique perspective to a noir crime mystery starring a more human Batman as he faces a new vigilante, calling himself the Riddler.

This movie tackles the symbiotic relationship that Batman has with Gotham by showing how the city he protects is as angry and crazy as he is. 

This isn’t your typical Batman story. 

Matt Reeves’s Batman is a lot more vulnerable, both as a fighter and as a person, as he tries to push away his heritage as a socialite. This in turn pursues his constant need for vengeance on the city that took his family away. 

This is not the Batman who can save the world by himself. He oftentimes needed to rely on Lieutenant Gordon, and even the elusive Catwoman, for support. 

This Batman is not a superhero, he’s more of a super detective. 

Unlike previous iterations of the character, Robert Pattison’s Batman is capable of making more reasonable mistakes, which in turn ups the stakes. By the end of the movie it’s down to the wire as Batman is at his wits end trying to save the city that is on the verge of collapsing. 

Matt Reeves does a great job displaying how corruption can come from anywhere, or anyone. Just because someone puts on a pretty face or a heroic facade doesn’t truly represent who they are as a person. The movie effortlessly shows that even victims and people who are justified in their anger can become as toxic as the corruption itself.

The casting in this movie is beyond perfect with everyone playing strongly in their roles. This is Matt Reeve’s world, and everyone fits perfectly in it. 

“The Batman” may not be the Batman film most people are used to at this point, but it does a great job at taking the core elements of Batman himself and his world, and making it something new. While the runtime rounds three hours, it doesn’t really show.

If you have time and the money, head to theaters to check it out for yourself. For those who can’t make it to the movie house, or don’t want to, “The Batman” is coming to HBO Max on April 19.