A look into the RAC’s “Glowchella” and what’s to come for group fitness 

Anna Claire Edenfield, Culture Reporter

Group fitness instructors put an athletic spin on the popular music festival “Coachella” earlier this month at the RAC. The group fitness room was transformed into a huge glow party and students were offered glowing accessories to wear while working out. 

Attendees were able to experience four different types of workouts that the group fitness department offers, including hip-hop jam, zumba, pilates-barre and yoga. The combination of fitness and fun allowed students to experience a unique workout. 

“I loved “Glowchella”,” said Emerson Elmgren, who attended the event. “It felt like a big dance party, but I was still getting my workout in.”

The RAC offers these events a few times a year and gives students the opportunity to experience different types of fitness classes in an exciting environment.

“It’s people that come to these special events that end up coming to [group fitness classes] regularly,” said lead group fitness instructor, Aysa Berry.  

If you missed out on “Glowchella”, there’s many ways you can still get involved with group fitness classes. Downloading the IMLeagues app allows you to find and register for the group fitness classes that occur weekly.

You can also stay updated with future events by following @gsucampusrec on Instagram and always be on the lookout in your email for the next special workout event the RAC has to offer.