Happy Holi: A look into Statesboro’s festival

Mckenzie Kerrigan, Managing Editor

Flavorful popsicles, cultural food, henna designs, music and gulal flooded Statesboro’s Georgia Avenue this past Tuesday. This annual celebration of the arrival of spring and end of winter brought together students of all backgrounds to take part in this Hindu holiday. 

What is Holi?

While Holi is primarily of South Asian origin, it has spread to communities all over the world. Also referred to as the “Festival of Love”, Holi is a day where many come together and throw away their anger and resentment.

In India, this holiday can last over a span of days with bonfires, food, music and gulal (the colorful, powdered paint). The ritual begins with a bonfire the day before, which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. 

As the festival continues, the powdered paint is thrown to symbolize joy and love as colors fill the air.

What you missed at Statesboro’s Holi

Upon arrival, white shirts were passed to festival attendees. As students and families awaited, cultural music filled the air in celebration. With vendors lining the street on one side and a stage on the other, there was plenty of space for those participating in the color throw. 

Many students dove into the cultural experience by trying the classic foods offered during this festival. Ranges of options for those who may have specific dietary needs, such as vegetarians, were offered as well.

To end your meal with something sweet, fried dough balls or all-natural fruity popsicles were offered throughout the service.

And for the finale, color filled the air. The students who participated were unrecognizable, covered in a variety of chalky shades of bright colors. Multiple throws were held for those who arrived late. 

For the brave ones who weren’t afraid to get dirty, multiple bags of gulal were offered, with some students grabbing three bags at once. 

By the end of the event, you could wind down with some street art, a henna design done on your hand or indulge in another popsicle. As the air cleared from the gulal, you could see the displays of sand-art attendees created along the bricks.

The Holi festival on Statesboro’s campus had a colorful turnout, with families and students enjoying the cultural display while learning in the process.

This event was sponsored by The Office of Multicultural Affairs and The International Student Admissions Program. If you missed this year’s celebration, tune in for Statesboro’s 2023 Holi festival.


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