Provost predicts underwhelming enrollment, lower budget

Morgan Bridges, Print Managing Editor

An open forum was held between Provost, Carl Reiber, and GS’ faculty and staff yesterday.

The forum presented a platform for staff to present thoughts and ideas on Georgia Southern’s upcoming method of operation following two years of COVID regulations and four consecutive years of budget cuts.

“It’s going to be an interesting year for the budget, and we need to be cautious,” Reiber said, addressing the decrease of GS’ budget in past years.

Reiber also addressed the drop in admission at GS due to the late notice on admission policy change, temporarily allowing students with a 3.2 GPA to be accepted without the need for SAT or ACT test scores. The subsequent drop of the upcoming freshman class is expected to put a larger strain on the already tight budget for the upcoming school year.

Reiber discussed changes to the structure of GS and its programs and offered a possible aid to the vacuum left by the recent shrink in budget.

Reiber proposed an emphasis on the expansion of non-traditional student learning and graduate programs to engage with a larger and more diverse student body.