Cups for Change


Amir Alexander

A photo of Starbuck’s Earth Day recognition sign.

Earth Day is next Friday, April 22nd. It is a day of recognition for environmental preservation practices.

One can partake in Earth day festivities in a number of ways. I will personally be donating some of my old clothes to different non-profit thrift stores to help promote sustainable fashion. Other local initiatives like cleanups and festivals will be held throughout the city of Savannah.

One way Starbucks on Armstrong campus plans to honor the holiday is by promoting the use of reusable cups. Anyone who purchases a reusable cup on Earth Day will receive 10% off any menu item.

According to EarthDay.Org, “by using a reusable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually.”

This deal will help conserve plastic with a fashionable drinking vessel while also enjoying your favorite beverage!

For more information about Earth Day, visit: