Gossip Gus: Firewerk It!


I can tell you one thing that won’t be a drag: the upcoming Drag Show at Armstrong campus.

Wanna know why? A reliable source spotted a truck pulling into the Student Union parking lot late on Sunday evening. A group of cloaked clad figures exited the truck and began to unload an estimated 20 tons of pyrotechnic material.

Allegedly, the show is expected to end with a closing number that we won’t soon forget. At the end of the night, the queens will come together to perform Katy Perry’s summer hit ‘Firework’. Naturally, they’d include an actual fireworks display to truly encapsulate the magic of the song.

“You ever been to Disney World?” One queen asked when I reached out for a comment. “We’re gonna do that but better…and indoors.”

“We were thinking, they have fireworks at stadiums all the time. Those are basically indoors,” the organizer of the event, Ariana Gomez-Grande shrugged. “This isn’t amateur hour. These are professional queens and they’re going to burn the house down.”

There have been measures taken to ensure no serious damage will be done to the overall structure of the Student Union Ballroom.

Guests will be supplied with paper cups of water and a glass screen will surround the stage in an effort to keep the fountain of sparkles contained.

What can I say? Armstrong really knows how to bring the heat. I’ll have my eagle eye on the event.

And who am I, you ask? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me.

—-XOXO Gossip Gus