Rebecca’s Cafe returns to Statesboro

John Caesar, Lifestyle Reporter

Rebecca’s Cafe makes a return to Statesboro after its two year hiatus to help those suffering through food insecurity. “The inspiration for the cafe was that we became very aware of the food insecurity going on in Statesboro,” Cafe President, Ann Henderson, explained.

It is located at First Presbyterian Church on Fair Rd., and provides free lunch to the Statesboro community every Wednesday from 12p.m. to 1p.m.

Two years have passed since the soup kitchen’s last tenure thanks to the pandemic. Henderson explained in an interview, that prior to the temporary shutdown of the cafe, the establishment was serving roughly 100 people. 

Now that the cafe is back, they’re hoping to get back to where things once were. “We hope to expand our services,” Henderson said. “We hope to build up the awareness that we exist”. 

Volunteers of the cafe are all organized around church groups like Magnolia Baptist, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Latter Day Saints, Trinity Episcopal, Kiwanis, Pittman Park Methodist and the First Presbyterian Church. 

Despite that, Henderson wishes to let potential visitors know that, “Although a lot of church groups volunteer, Rebecca’s Cafe is a secular organization. Meals are free to anyone, no questions. All are welcome.”