Faces of Armstrong Professor Tomica Jenkins

Professor Tomica Jenkins

Professor Tomica Jenkins

Hello, Georgia Southern University, and welcome to the Faces of Armstrong! Today’s selected person is, none other than Tomica Jenkins, one of the head departments in Theater on the Georgia Southern Armstrong campus

Professor Jenkins, a Theater professor at the GSU Armstrong campus was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up, Jenkins lived in Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, and now Savannah. Jenkins acquired her Master’s degree in theater directing from the University of Southern California (USC) and soon after she began acting in film production.

After 14 years of working in the film industry in California, Jenkins decided to move back home to Chicago and soon acquired a Job working in theater production at the University of Concordia. As time progressed, Jenkins’s job title changed to visiting professor which is her current role at Georgia Southern Armstrong.

Inkwell Staff: So tell me, what are your hobbies to pass the time?
Jenkins: The majority of my hobbies revolve around my career field. I like to watch TV, Films and occasionally attend theater sets. All of those things have some form of creativity that can give inspiration for a project of mine as well as entertainment. I love music as well,
Inkwell Staff.: What’s your favorite part of the campus here at GSU Armstrong
Jenkins: My favorite part of campus is probably the galley. If the school could give me a dining plan, that would be awesome. Just put it on my Eagle Express card. Everything’s in there, ranging from pizza to chicken nuggets and many more. One day I recall, the Dining Hall had oxtails on the menu. Seeing them, I was like, “Oxtails? What does the Dinning Hall know about Oxtails?” The food was so good, I had to call my mother haha. ‘They’re serving seven oxtails in the cafeteria! The cooks can do anything!” but yeah, that’s my favorite part.
Inkwell Staff: What is your favorite part of the theater here on campus?
Jenkins: My favorite part of the theater program here would be the students. They are a dedicated bunch who really seem to hang out together and are a fun group. They have their own hangout room in the back of the theater where they sit in between classes and eat their snacks. They’re very talented and the group consists of 30 students. In addition to acting on sets, they do a lot more like building sets and learning how to run the lights and sound for the shows.
Inkwell Staff: Is there anything you would like to add or advice to give to the audience?
Jenkins: The advice I would give to students is to keep track of the things that they participate in. The events that you don’t think are important could help you later on in life when trying to either sell yourself for a job or try to gain some sort of employment.