SGA Winners discuss their plans for next year

Raquel Upson, Correspondent

Georgia Southern’s 2022-2023 SGA Executive Leaders, announced in April, discuss their plans for the new academic year

The President of SGA, Alexis Belvin, said she’s primarily focused on campus safety, mental health awareness, and diversity, equity and inclusion. 

  • Belvin stated that she’s most excited about continuing the growth of Eagles for Eagles, an initiative to raise money for GS students facing extreme financial challenges.
  • “It’s an emergency fund that students can request at any time of year, up to $750, if they need money for car troubles, academics, rent, things like that” said Belvin.

The Executive Vice President, Davis Green, is thrilled about the new year and recognizes what a privilege it is to be EVP.

  • “This office is not my office,” said Green. “This office belongs to the students.”
  • “Being EVP is an honor, but it’s an honor that the students gave me, because they had so much trust in me to serve them,” said Green.

The Vice President of Finance, Amare McJolly, said that his goal is to continue to optimize the budget and make suggestions that will benefit SGA and Georgia Southern’s student body.

  • “We have a box in our office and students can write down their concerns and drop it in the box,” said McJolly. “I feel like SGA has the ability to go above and beyond to try and get these concerns addressed.”