Statesboro has approved 6 locations for liquor stores

Briyanna Thompson, Sports Managing Editor

Within the months of April and May, the Statesboro City Council has approved 6 liquor store locations.

Stephen Bradley Clark was approved to open “Clark Beverages” at 607 Brannen Street. 

“You just made history,” said Mayor Jonathan McCollar referring to the fact that Clark’s application is the first of its kind to come before Council, according to Grice Connect.

Following Clark’s approval 5 more applications were approved: 

  • FTJ Enterprises, LLC for “S’Boro Liquors.“ 
  • MSO Water Systems owner Lindsay Martin was approved to open “L/C Package Store.”
  • Kaleo Lyles, Clyde Chapman, William Birdwell, and Prashant Patel of Blue Mile Wine & Spirits, LLC, applied to reserve 12 Brannen Street with the intent of opening a liquor store with the same name.
  • Jeffrey and Julie Dawson approved for Whiskey Business 
  • Shree Dhan Laxmi, LLC. Owner Vishakha Patel, a Statesboro resident, approved to open EZ Liquors

There were 6 denied locations including Two Guys Beverage also submitted an application but was denied due to being within 1000 yards of 12 Brannen Street. 

  • Others were denied due to them being too close to residential neighborhoods.

Bulloch County also added County Package sale of liquor to the November ballot. Visit Grice Connect for more information.