Parking changes coming to GS in upcoming semesters

Morgan Bridges, Print Managing Editor

The upcoming project of the indoor football practice facility near Paulson Stadium was announced in January of this year.

 What’s new:  The Indoor Football Practice Facility will be built in front of Paulson Stadium on the Malecki side of the parking lot.

  • “This will reduce the number of spaces available at the stadium, but there should be plenty of available parking at the stadium,” said Derrick Davis, the parking director. “Students may just have to walk a little bit further to get to the bus stop.”

What’s next: Another project, announced by the University, includes Lot 29, which consists of new parking in place of the former University Villas.

  •  The Villas will be demolished, and the new lot will be available by Spring 2023

Why it matters: These changes will impact the number of available spaces for both students and faculty alike and affect the number of total spaces available to those on campus. Understanding the changes to come can allow all involved to plan accordingly for the following semesters.