Students weigh in on Buffalo Mass Shooting

Joshua Ryans, Correspondent

The Buffalo Mass shooting was 1 of 61 mass shootings to happen in the month of May, which killed 10 black people and injured 3 others.

Police obtained a document written by the suspect saying that he targeted the city of Buffalo because it had the most blacks closest to his home.

  • Peyton Grendon was charged with 25 totals counts containing murder charges, attempted murder as a hate crime, and weapons possession.

“It’s sad to read about it,” said Myles Reed, a GS student in Statesboro. “What makes me even madder is that African Americans are seen as violent and killed by the police daily while unarmed but a white supremacist going into a grocery store to kill African Americans is allowed to drop his weapon and isn’t harmed by the police.”

“When reading about the Buffalo shooting, I felt grief and sympathy for the community and for the families of the victims,” said Suzanne Underwood, an Armstrong student. “I can’t fathom how people could hold so much violence and hatred for someone who wasn’t like them.”