GS Students Share Their Opinions on the RAC’s Dress Code

Raquel Upson, Correspondent

The RAC’s rules on athletic attire have prompted discussion from both students and employees

What’s new: While some students find the RAC’s policy to be unnecessary, others believe it serves a purpose.

  • “It’s one of those things where if they’re going to have it, you’d expect it to be enforced,” said Kyle Walker, a grad student. “It’s enforced for some people but not often everybody.”
  • “I can wear whatever to class, but I can’t wear some things to the gym,” said Skylar Martin. “I see men with cut offs and don’t think they get dress coded as much as women.”
  • “It’s about the germs and the contact spread,” said Megan Blanchard, a student and fitness specialist at the RAC. “We do it to prevent staph infections and all other bacteria and germs that come from different patrons getting on benches one after another.”