Georgia Southern holds flag ceremony for new University Housing initiative

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  • Wildlife Center Director Steve Hein holds Freedom the Eagle in front of the U.S. flag at the Flag Ceremony. The ceremony was held at University Villas, one of eight Georgia Southern University housing complexes. 

Tori Collins

Georgia Southern University held a flag ceremony Tuesday morning at University Villas to begin a new initiative by the university to fly the U.S. flag outside of all eight residence halls.

During the ceremony, a team consisting of veteran members of the GS Housing Department and members of GS ROTC program participated in raising the U.S. flag.

The team included:

  • Hakim Finlaytor, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army National Guard

  • Danny Woodard, U.S. Navy

  • Brian Long, U.S. Army

  • Jared Holloway, U.S. Army

  • Mackenzie Thomas, U.S. Army, U.S Marine Corps

  • Patrick Holland, U.S. Army , University Veteran Team Schedule Coordinator

  • Cameron Jones, U.S. Air Force, University Veteran Team Flag Etiquette Coordinator

  • Kenny West, U.S. Marine Corps

  • Shakeia Salem, U.S. Army Reserve

  • David Davis, U.S. Army

  • Darrell Walling, U.S. Air Force

  • James McCray, U.S. Army Reserve

GS ROTC Cadet, Chace Scarboro presented a speech prior to the flag being raised at the ceremony.

“The United States flag represents who we are as a nation,” Scarboro said. “The raising of the flag will bring hope, and a feeling of home.”

As part of the new initiative by the GS Housing Department and ROTC program, a U.S. flag will be raised each morning at all eight resident halls and lowered each evening at dusk.