GS Student Publishes Her First Book

GS Student Publishes Her First Book

Raquel Upson, Correspondent

Alex Buzby, senior at GS, published her first book this past summer called “The Paths of Our Invisible Strings.”

What’s new: The book is a young adult, fictional romance that tells the story of a high school senior named Madelyn.

  • As Madelyn moves to a new city to begin a fresh chapter of her life, she’s met with several challenges. The book explores Madelyn’s journey of new friendships, experiences and love, in the most vulnerable time in her life.
  • “It’s based loosely on my experiences, as well as my friends and family’s experiences,” said Buzby. “It has a lot of relatable subjects such as drugs, alcohol, love, breakups, and relationships.”

“The Paths of Our Invisible Strings” can be found at…

  • Amazon
  • Amazon Prime
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Barnes and Noble online
  • Henderson Library