Fair Road traffic leads to multiple accidents

Morgan Bridges, Print Managing Editor

Fair Road has seen a multitude of accidents since the beginning of this year.

Why it matters: Busy intersections and distant crosswalks lead to traffic incidents within this area.
“Since the first, we have had 43 vehicle crashes in the roadway between Tillman and the Arby’s on Fair Road,” said Statesboro Police Chief Mike Broadhead. “None are listed as having pedestrians involved.”

  • Tormenta FC soccer player, Carter Payne, was involved in a fatal incident within this area in early July, when crossing the street on an electric scooter.
  • Broadhead explains that the City Council and Department of Transportation held talks of adding a raised median along this particular stretch of road, opening the space for more turning lanes. No talk of crosswalk changes has been made as of yet.

What’s next: “I think the point of having more crosswalks is a legit concern,” said Chief Broadhead. “I’m not sure that having a mid-street crosswalk is even more of a hazard though, unless there was some kind of light or a Hawk signal like on South Main.”