GS Students share opinions on climate change

Morgan Bridges, Print managing editor

Students speak up on their views towards climate change following the upsurge of natural disasters on a global scale.

What’s new: Some students believe climate change is reason for concern, and others think that the issue may be more of a political stance.

  • “There’s no debate on whether climate change is real or not,” said senior, Isabella Smith. “We’re feeling the effects of it now. Natural disasters are going to get worse and more frequent if we don’t do something about it now. Look up ways you can help in your local community and get the conversation going.”
  • “I don’t think climate change is much of a threat, at least not as much as politicians have led us to believe,” said GS student, Slayd Sasser. “I definitely think we should focus on protecting the environment, but I also think the idea of climate change is simply a vehicle for politicians to push radical agendas.”
  • “When thinking about climate change, the first thing that comes to mind is global warming, especially in South Georgia summers and winters,” said junior, Laci Carter. “Personally, I feel that, yes, everyone can do their part to try and help the environment. For there to truly be a change, it will take the little and big people to work together to help preserve our planet.”